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A Life Well Lived

Yesterday I wrote about the difference between Work and Work Feeling.  Part of my motivation for thinking about that topic was my current work experience at IFTF.  But mostly, I wanted to lay the foundation for today’s post.  I define: … Continue reading

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A Job Well Done

Today I will write about a topic I consider to be very important but is often neglected. First I will define some terms I will use: Work: the process one undertakes in order to accomplish a goal Work Feeling: the … Continue reading

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Sam Harris

This begins a series of posts I call “The Life Examined”.  My goal is to look at the lives of inspiring thinkers in order to find patterns and better understand my own choices.  In this first installment, I will briefly … Continue reading

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On Categorizing Errors of Reasoning

Anyone who is interested in self-reflection and rationality often grapples with categorizing errors of reasoning.  The motivation behind this is evident – to make sense of the myriad of mistakes we make, we must learn the patterns.  (Please see the list … Continue reading

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Welcome to my blog!   I appreciate your interest in following the progression of my thoughts and ideas.  I am writing this blog for three reasons: to keep a record of my intellectual progress for future use to help me organize … Continue reading

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