Welcome to my blog!   I appreciate your interest in following the progression of my thoughts and ideas.  I am writing this blog for three reasons:

  • to keep a record of my intellectual progress for future use
  • to help me organize my thoughts such that I am not restrained by what I can keep in my mind at one time
  • to allow anyone to examine my current ideas in a leisurely, impersonal way

Unless I discover additional reasons, I have no incentive to publicize this blog or expand my media presence.

My planned format is to update the blog most days with content of one of several types.  Some days I plan to expose my recent musings on life, usually in the form of a critique of an idea.  Other days I intend to briefly summarize the life of a notable person.  My intention in these mini-biographies is to start to develop a theory of a good life.  And sometimes I will simply remark on a recent discovery/invention/perspective that I believe to be significant.

I encourage you to write comments.  I always welcome a discussion.

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